Penza meat will return to Moscow in early March

Penza meat will return to Moscow in early March

Ban on import into the Russian capital meat of the Penza region will be lifted on 2 March. This was reported by representatives of the veterinary service of Moscow.

Today veterinarians confirmed that at Kuntsevo market was discovered beef from the Penza region, contaminated with anthrax, according to Reuters. Measures taken now dangerous disease Moscow does not threaten, assured representatives of the veterinary service.

According to the Deputy head of the veterinary medicine Association, Moscow Vladimir Burkova, «joint efforts of the possibility of the spread of pathogens of anthrax prevented. Yesterday from our laboratory and laboratory of Rospotrebnadzor was the result of the study swabs taken after final disinfection. These wipes as negative, and the market, if it is not already open, open soon in full.»

Let's remind, delivery of meat from the Penza region in the capital were terminated after the Kuntsevo market found beef infected with anthrax.

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