Iran has threatened to continue uranium enrichment

Iran has threatened to continue uranium enrichment

Iran threatens the transition to industrial uranium enrichment, if the Iranian nuclear dossier will be passed to the UN Security Council.

Research in the field of uranium enrichment is different from the enrichment, said the Secretary of the Supreme national security Council of Iran Ali Larijani, at a press conference in Moscow Wednesday. According to him, the Iranian program inflated a big noise, and political pressure will lead to instability in the region. Larijani warned that in case of transfer of the U.N. Security Council, Iran really starts the industrial enrichment of uranium, informs radio station «Echo of Moscow». Use of nuclear energy, according to Larijani is the inalienable right of every country.

As regards the proposal to enrich uranium on Russian territory, creating a joint venture, Larijani considers it a good idea. In this case, Iran receives fuel for its power plants, but will not be able to produce materials for nuclear weapons. The head of the IAEA, Mohamed El-Baradei a few days ago said that this idea possible solutions to the Iranian problem. Larijani stressed that, despite the positive assessment of Russia's proposals, the plan for uranium enrichment must be improved. Parties shall endeavour to reach agreement in the course of further negotiations in February.

Let's remind, that on February 2, there will be an extraordinary meeting of the IAEA to discuss the Iranian nuclear problem. As expected, France, Britain, Germany and the United States will require to pass the Iranian nuclear dossier for consideration to the UN Security Council, which in turn can lead to the imposition of sanctions against Iran.

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